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Born in Delft, the Netherlands, Michèle van de Roer studied Fine Arts, Art History, French and English literature in the Netherlands and in France. She studied with Pierre Buraglio and attended classes by Jacques Clerc and Pierre Soulages in Valence. She also had an extraordinary printmaking experience with Jacques Lacourière and his brother, Robert, at the Lacourière-Frélaut studios in Montmartre, a printmaking home to artists like Picasso, Chagall, Léger and many others.


In 1982-83, at a very young age, she is the winner of a Fulbright Scholarship which gives her the means to study at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. 

New York with its raucous disorder, its polyglot population, and its openness to all visions was a tremendous, deeply provocative intellectual experience of its own. 


Her attempt to visualize New York in a print resulted in an engraving entitled Eva’s Magic World that was jury-selected for the Architecture in the Contemporary Print show. Artists like Rauschenberg and Christo participated in this show at Pratt Manhattan Gallery. Apart from a new vision of art and of the world, the Fulbright program gave her early and meaningful professional recognition.


In 2009 she was invited to become an artist in residence at La Ruche studios in Montparnasse, Paris, France; the creative home of notable 20th century artists including Marc Chagall, Chaim Soutine, Fernand Leger, Amadeo Modigliani and others.


In 2000 the commission and subsequent purchase by Paris’ Rodin Museum of a series of her prints confirmed her status as both an artist and printmaker. Other public and private commissions followed.


Michèle van de Roer lives and works in Paris and spends as much time she can in New York which remains one of her favorite places in the world as the artscene is so vibrant and stimulating.

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